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 We are glad to help you in learning foreign languages with our:

Live individual classes

Flexible class times

Professional teachers

Skype and other easy programs

English, Russian and more


Learn anywhere – have lessons wherever you are online
Have lessons in English or Russian at home, at work or while travelling
Your classroom is wherever you have the internet & a headset
Choose your lesson time
Have classes in the morning, evening or even at midnight
Arrange lessons around your busy schedule
Reschedule classes with just 24 hours notice
Your private classes focus on your needs
Develop the skills you need
Fluency, accuracy and pronunciation
Speak Professionally
Concentrate in communication skills to use English or Russian in your professional life
Private classes for your level
Beginner or advanced – 1-to-1 classes at your level
You and your teacher share an online workspace together
Interactive whiteboards and Google Docs
It’s just like sitting at the same table with your teacher
Free and Easy tools
All tools are 100% free and so simple to use
No Downloads
Just use your usual internet browser*

* except Skype and if you use virtual worlds such as Second Life
Everyday and real activities in your private classes
Real and engaging activities
Use Google maps, newspapers and other real websites
Publish your homework online
Write texts for Wikipedia and create online presentations
Learn English or Russian in 3D
Virtual field trips with Google Earth or Second Life

Prepare perfect presentations, emails and reports
Use examples from your work for class
Improve your own presentations, emails and reports
Work faster in English (or Russian)

Develop strategies to communicate more quickly and easily
100% relevant lessons
Learn what you need, when you need it

Practice for situations you encounter at work
Feel more confident as you become more professional
Be prepared for meetings, phone calls and presentations
Role-plays and simulations of real situations at work
Practice makes perfect! Prepare for upcoming conversations
Focus on the exact skills language you need
Give your expertise the language it deserves

 How it works

Voice and Text chat    

Instant messengers such as Skype, MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk are widely used in e-education. These tools offer excellent call quality and the flexibility of text and file sharing which is hard to beat for a basic communication between students and teacher. Calls can be easily recorded, so students can make an audio copy of their lessons.


Google Docs

Google Docs offers online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that allow simultaneous collaboration. Several users can work on the same document at the same time and also see any changes made by the others.

Google Docs can be used to collaboratively correct a student's piece of work or it can be used to share a pre-prepared text. The teacher can highlight text as it is read aloud by the student using a colour code eg red for pronunciation, green for grammar, blue for spelling and yellow for use of vocabulary.



Online whiteboards allow teachers and students to share the same workspace to draw, write and move items around. They are especially good for working with images and texts in a free and flexible way. They are also useful for easily matching words with meanings or images that represent those meanings. Whiteboards are different from Google Docs because the surface is not ordered into lines, paragraphs and pages.

 Virtual worlds

Virtual worlds such as Second Life make language learning a much more social experience. They are very versatile and can be used for formal teaching as well as informal, independent learning.

Second Life and other virtual worlds allow students to use a foreign language in a social space with other learners and native speakers. Language learners can communicate using a voice system or with text chat. This means that students can now talk with native speakers around the world, just as if we were in the same room.





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 Bookstore instructions : All books are supplied in scanned pdf or djvu format, together with audio and video files after you get the password and link for download.

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